Umka Kindergarten

U - Unique

M- Multicultural

K - Kids

A - Academy

In our kindergarten, we have experienced, skilled and qualified teachers and nurses to help your child develop and enjoy their own accomplishments through play and learn.

Our goals are to

  • Improve the child’s well being, promote and develop a positive self-image where the child gains and senses joy of involvement and self-accomplishment.
  • Help children identify their feelings and manage them, and to teach children how to tolerate with different emotional states and uncertainties.
  • Guide and raise children to be independent, confident, honest, and friendly and to have a sense of empathy and understanding towards others.

Welcome to our day care where our facility is like a home!




English speaking kindergarten(Helsinki)

Umka Kindergarten 

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Helsinki(Umka Kindergarten)

We have our units located in convenient and comfortable places. Our children range from different age spans. You are welcome for a visit. 

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